I recently pulled my old Keyboard Folio for the iPad out of the closet, thinking that I would appreciate the weight difference when compared to the Magic Keyboard — I had forgotten how much I didn’t like the keys on the Folio despite the weight reduction (which is quite significant). I’m typing this to see if I could get used to the keyboard again.

My ideal iPad keyboard:

  • Folio form factor (no trackpad, no cantilever hinge, lighter, two fixed tilt adjustments)
  • Key switches from the latest MBP
  • Backlit keys
  • Small function row

I’m actually surprised how much the lack of backlit keys is bothering me… I’ll probably stick it out with the Folio, but if the iPad finally gets a legit Terminal or the ability to virtualize macOS, I’ll most likely switch back to the better typing experience despite the increased weight.