Finally making some time to finish Summertime Render - If you are a fan of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni this one is highly recommended! An absolute trip…

Just finished the new Willow series with the kids. They loved it and it was the perfect level of nostalgia-camp for those of us who were fans of the movie as kids ourselves. Seeing Warwick Davis go from a kid in the movie to an “elder” in the series was trippy. Loved the cast. Loved the irreverent references and humor. Great fun all around.

OMG! New Hiroyuki Sawano album in 3 days!

Winter 2023 šŸ˜³ is upon us!

Starting out with a wide sampling, which I’m fairly sure will be trimmed down quite a bit. Very excited for Tomo-chan – absolutely loved the manga.

Yor Forger - Tennis Pro

Sunrise over the South Bay

Good Morning

Am I going to rewatch Bocchi The Rock - Ep. 8 again tonight even though Iā€™m behind on the rest of the season?

Yes. Yes I am. Totally worth it. I love this show

Bocchi rocking out on stage

Yor Foger - SPY X FAMILY

Yor Forger Collage

Bocchi the Rock! – Protect this introverted soul! Bocchi the Rock

My #project tonight was to make my site have the same theme as my main blog. Now they feel “of a piece.”

Never did much with hugo before, and while a bit finicky to setup, I have to admit it is extremely fast (especially coming from gatsby)

Now the “micro” content seems like it just lives in a separate subdomain. I’m considering tweaking the main blog back to having only the big posts.

For the most part, Twitter has been a consumption feed for me. I follow a few key individuals from a diverse set of interests – essentially a short form RSS reader with the ability to reply and engage inline. That engagement wasn’t frequent, but it felt nice to be able to participate.

Mastodon is too chaotic right now for me to discern what it will mean to me (too much of the feed is wrapped up with Twitter imploding to have its identity at the moment). Since I have set up my own domain ( maybe it can become a place for soundboarding ideas (turn a hashtag into a blog post for example).

This post could have been put in Mastodon only (broken up in separate posts, obviously) – I haven’t decided what goes where. There are even more possibilities than there were, and I already thought I had too many options before.

Mastodon thoughts – If you are on a popular server, the federated timeline (and possibly the local timeline) are too overwhelming to be useful. My goal is to run my own server which will actually give me a useful federated timeline by running some secondary accounts that I control. That way I can have my “Home” timeline be my direct follows and my federated timeline be a bit broader but still within my direct control.

Findings from “The Great Follow Backup” (aka diversify my social follow graph)

Based on the bios in my Twitter follows, here’s a rough breakdown on where everyone is:

  • pixiv (and/or fanbox)
  • patreon
  • instagram
  • github
  • ko-fi
  • tumblr
  • youtube/twitch
  • wordpress/blog (aka RSS)
  • none

Many people only had a personal website (like a portfolio) that only had “resume-like” evergreen content – these people obviously considered Twitter as their microblog/social post platform. Less than 1% had a mastodon “backup” account linked.

I feel better having made the effort – if Twitter goes belly up, I can at least get back to some of the people I follow.

I think my goal this weekend is to go through the profiles of everyone I follow on twitter and follow them on other platforms (RSS, flickr, pixv). There are a lot of artists from Japan that I would never have discovered if not for twitter and would be hard to find again.

In Takina we trust.

Lycoris Recoil is hands down my favorite of the season and if not for Kaguya-sama would probably be anime of the year (still might, but that might be recency bias talking)

trapped in time, surrounded by evil, low on gas

Fall 2022 speculation a bit early!

MP100, SxF, and Chainsaw Man… Damn!

I’ve determined I’m not very good at coming up with prompts for Stable Diffusion to chew on…

Man with a chainsaw for a head surrounded by an army of skeletons in the style of an 80's horror VHS cover

Prey (2022)

Amber Midthunder’s performance is spectacular!

Been trying to use Orion as my daily browser for the last week. It’s promise of using Webkit (and the clean UI look of Safari) with Firefox/Chrome extension compatibility was a big selling point. I’ve also been trying to use Kagi as my default search engine.

The latter has been going better than the former.

The browser compatibility is very rough and has a bunch of bugs (it’s still in beta, so that’s not that surprising). There are a few UI quirks that are making it difficult to fully adopt, but it’s really close. I like the idea of diversifying my tech stack and I’m hoping Orion improves over time.

That feeling you get when your own blog entry is on the first search page for a question you still don’t have an answer too…

Summer 2022 speculation inbound!

Notably absent here is Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer - literally everyone who was a fan of the manga has panned everything to do with this adaptation (very sad, but I’ll just have to pick up the manga at some point).

I’ve been putting off watching the Made in Abyss movie, saving my soul from the feels… Now I have a deadline.

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it, but I love Setapp – I get so much value out of my monthly subscription. Every so often, I revisit the list of apps to see if there is anything new that I can incorporate into my workflow.

Today’s discovery is OpenIn – a clever little app that allows me to configure a set of rules to customize what happens when I click a link. Here’s what I initially came up with:

  1. Open localhost in Chrome
  2. āŒ„ mod click to pop up a list of browsers
  3. Default open in Firefox

Having a curated list of apps that solves small pain points is extremely handy. Highly recommended!