Steps to write a new static micro post:

yarn newPost micro
# Edit in Caret
yarn start # Verify
git add .
git commit -m "new micro post"
git push

Doesn’t seem too bad for now. I think I’m going to start a new app that allows me to do all those things from a single form in the menu bar. The more I can treat the entire process as atomic, the more I think I’ll use it.

Even better, generate a twitter compatible summary, add a back link and post to twitter.

Update — now supports node! I can at least now edit markdown files via the command line on an iPad now. Going to see if I can get gatsby to actually run and connect to localhost…

Note to self: I do need to update my vim configuration, but for the moment I can actually edit the markdown files in Byword on the iPad since iSH exposes it’s filesystem to the Files system.